Karatbars Newsletter November 2013

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 Newsletter sent to all Karatbars Affiliates in November 2013

Dear Karatbars Affiliate,

From the desk of: Harald Seiz

CEO, Founder Karatbars International

It has been a very exciting few months in Karatbars and I must express my gratitude for such an amazing group of affiliates around the world. In the past month, I have been honored to join in two Freedom Celebrations both in Europe and North America. I spent 5 days on a glorious cruise with 57 of our outstanding European leaders. The sun, beauty of the ocean and having the opportunity to spend a great deal of quality time with those leaders was invaluable.

I also attended the Freedom Celebration in Nashville, Tennessee USA. Nashville was in a word, MAGICAL ! The love and spirit that filled the Opryland Hotel would be hard to express in words. I am so honored and thankful for the leadership and those who commited to being in Nashville for this incredible event. The attendees came from as far as South Africa, Australia, South Korea, Trinidad / Tobago, United Kingdom, Mexico, Phillipines & Trinidad. Although the miles may separate us all, it is easy to see the love, respect and kinship we all share. It was a great Karatbars family reunion.

Our team continues to grow at unprecedented levels. Those whom were honored at the events have made Karatbars their passion. We have a big job to do in the future sharing the benefits Karatars offers a very confused and unstable financial world. Karatbars offers hope and financial peace of mind to the masses and a honest money system for everyone regardless of what their walk in life may be. I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate each of your efforts no matter how big or small, each one is very important. YOU are the branches who will bring hope, freedom and passion to millions.


Harald Seiz

CEO, Founder Karatbars International


From the desk of: Thomas Schranner

Director to Americas

Karatbars International

I concur with Harald Seiz, that both Freedom Celebrations in Europe and Nashville, were truly life changing. It was so very touching to hear the stories from our affiliates who have found Financial Freedom with Karatbars. The passion, drive and motivation within our team will drive us forward at continued unprecedented levels in the years to come. We want to give you our word, we will do whatever we physically can, to help you achieve your goals along the way. Within the next year, we expect to see several million dollar earners within our organization. It is an honor to work with so many talented and passionate people.

Below you will see many new updates our office has been working on for your benefit.

Christmas Specialty Cards

Specialty Christmas Card purchases which are placed by no later than December 9th, 2013 will receive expedited delivery from our delivery department and arrive to you by no later than December 24th, 2013. Please confirm you have a physical delivery address included in your profile. Our carriers do not deliver to P.O. Boxes.

New Specialty Cards Available NOW

Karatbars thank you cardKaratbars baby card







karatbars congratulations cardStarting immediately you can order our new specialty gold cards. Please login to your back office to view our new Baby card, Thank You card and Congratulation card.

We will also integrate in our backoffice within the next 14 days, the new World Cup Gold Card. Our World Cup Gold Card (Brasil) will be available for shipment in about 14 days.

We wish you much success sharing these fantastic new products.

Branding Card Update:

We have a fantastic news for you. You can now order personal branding cards from our private branding card lines at Karatbars. The cost or set up fee has been drastically reduced for our affiliates to acquire a special business card for yourselves. The fees associated with this option are as follows;

  • 1 Branding Card = include 1 gram gold (market price) + 20 € set-up fee.
  • 10 Branding Cards = include 1 gram gold per unit (market price) + 10 € fee per unit set-up fee
  • 25 Branding Cards = include 1 gram gold per unit (market price) + 5 € fee per unit set- up fee
  • 50 Branding Cards = include 1 gram gold per unit (market price) + 3 € fee per unit set-up fee
  • 250 Branding Cards = include 1 gram gold per unit (market price) + 1 € fee per unit set-up fee

How it works:

Under the Product Purchase section in your back office, you will find the BRANDING CARDS menu. Here you will see the Branding Card design requirements. You can personally design your image to your preference. We recommend the usage of high resolution artwork. The back of each card on the lower right hand side should be reserved for the Karatbars logo as you can see on the product picture. Once completed, you can place your order in your back office and also choose the quantity of your choice. Send us the template once you have completed your design (both front and back) using dimensions of a minimum of 1028px x 647px with 300dpi to the specified email address. Within a few days you will receive the finished design from our graphics department as a share. Once you have approved the final design, the cards will be sent to our production department where the final product will be produced.

Your Karatbars Team