Karatbars The Smart Way To Save Gold

A warm welcome  to Click 2 Get Started and Karatbars

This is an independent TEAM website, which aims to provide a central resource for information on Karatbars International, the importance of saving GOLD, and tips and hints on building a network of Karatbars Affiliates

We joined Karatbars International back in 2013 because we saw the Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 18.23.24power of building a global business based on showing people how to SAVE 1 gram of gold at a time to secure their future wealth

We believe that gold and silver is likely to go up in the future, but that is a personal view. When we started doing our due diligence for Karatbars we got very excited when we checked a well known online bullion dealer; Bullion By Post and found their 1 gram gold cards were actually more expensive than Karatbars – Bingo! Here is a link for you to check this out for yourself: http://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/gold-bars/1-gram-gold-bar/heraeus_1_gram_bar/

In our opinion the timing for Karatbars is perfect. We simply need to show people the importance of building their personal gold reserve to protect their future wealth. And here’s the thing; nobody is SPENDING money, they are simply SAVING for the future, and that my friend is the power of Karatbars! When people get it, this business becomes extremely easy and fulfilling to promote.

neil and gigiEnjoy the journey to a brighter future

To your success

Gigi and Neil